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I wanted to talk about the “Recent” Phenomena of Spiritualism. I want to discuss how I was introduced to it, a brief history (keyword brief) of Modern Day Spiritualism, some of the beliefs and practices it has as a religion and some of the benefits it has provided me. So, how did I come […]

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TRANQUIL ORCHID REIKI — Victorious Goddesses

Opps…..I did it again…. Welcome to our new Self-Healing Collective….. TRANQUIL ORCHID REIKI Reiki is a natural, safe and simple alternative health modality that everyone can use. Because it helps the body to bring balance to the root cause of disease and imbalance, it can be used effectively to work with physical, mental/emotional and energetic […]

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” Here Are 20 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation For PERIOD “

I love This !!!!

Victorious Goddesses & Gods

Here are 20 things you don’t owe anyone an explanation for.

  1. You don’t owe anyone a justification for your values and your priorities.
  2. You don’t owe anyone a yes when you want to say no.
  3. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your relationships, whether lovers or friends.
  4. You don’t owe anyone assistance with their happiness journey at the cost of your own.
  5. You don’t owe anyone a debate around your political views especially when the other person’s mind is made up.
  6. You don’t owe anyone an apology when you are not sorry, and you would make the same decision again.
  7. You don’t owe anyone a rationalization about why investing in yourself is important
  8. You don’t owe anyone the meaning of what you believe in.
  9. You don’t owe anyone a change in your appearance just to please them.
  10. You don’t owe anyone friendship, especially when they do not share your…

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